Integrative Therapeutic Coaching

"Short-term Dynamic Coaching"

Coaching is a partnership that guides, focuses and supports actions to produce professional and personal success.

Together in a collaborative and dynamic exchange, using an in-depth assessment/analysis, we will identify goals, areas of conflict, imbalance, blocking beliefs and behaviors. We will then focus on and develop strategies and skills as a roadmap for change.

The details of the process may vary from situation to situation and from client to client, so the overall framework and approach is customized to the individual. Below are just some of the strategies and objectives used to accomplish your goals.
  • Understanding and clarifying direction, intention, purpose, talent and passion.
  • Identifying and re-defining strengths and weaknesses. As well as trauma, attachment, and relational issues impacting change.
  • Building internal strength and skills for problem solving, self-directed action and leadership roles.
  • Focusing on how to understand, motivate, prioritize and set healthy self/other boundaries and create life/work balance.
  • Building better interpersonal communication skills in listening and learn to effectively communicate objectives, needs and concerns.
  • Developing enhanced strategies to achieve successful actions and outcomes.
  • Offering support, direction, resources while enhancing skills and solutions necessary for success.

The skills above are just the beginning of some of the tools necessary to navigate change. Whether you are a small business owner, a solo practitioner, an executive in need of leadership skills and management building, or individuals who want to develop strategies for success or a sense of personal empowerment and effectiveness in your life, Integrative Therapeutic Coaching will be your partner in creating change management.
Sessions are either in person or on the phone and with e-mail contact between sessions.

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