Couples Treatment

Couples usually seek treatment after being caught up in repeated negative reactive cycles. They find themselves feeling raw, vulnerable and helpless and not knowing what to do or how to change it. Usually the couple will have spent a long time feeling misunderstood and filled with lots of anger, frustration and pain.

The decision to seek help is often a very difficult one. Consequentially, the couple will put off seeking help, fearing that couples treatment means that the marriage is broken beyond repair, that divorce is the only solution or just feelings of hopelessness at the “stuck-ness”. One or both partners might feel nervous and skeptical about opening up to a stranger. There may be a fear of being judged or being found to be the “guilty party” for all the problems. Often there is a fear that treatment will only escalate the problem.

In a compassionate, integrative, multi-level approach, together we will look at the underlying systemic dynamics, attachment styles, needs, interpersonal communication and repeated conflicts.

Each couple is unique so we will define your particular needs and goals. Some of the benefits that come out of good couples treatment are:
  • Increased self-awareness resulting in sense of empowerment.
  • A set of tools to help resolve cycles of conflict and rebuild trust.
  • Increased ability to identify destructive forms of communication and build skills in how to resolve conflicts and healthy differences.
  • Reduction of power struggles, hostility, blaming and feelings of betrayal.
  • Identify expectations, hidden themes and family-of-origin issues.
  • Increase intimacy, create commitment and preserve the strength of your relationship.

Whether married, in a committed relationship or seeking premarital counseling, couples treatment can help you understand the formerly hidden pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a new and healthy way. Issues addressed in treatment are:
  • Communication, conflict and power struggles.
  • Intimacy, lack of connection, loneliness and affairs
  • Sexual issues, lack of sex, sexual/porn addiction, lack of desire, etc.
  • Family issues, parenting, step-parenting, in-laws, finances, work/life balance.
  • Premarital counseling offers tools to identify problem areas and build an early strong foundation, effective communication and problem-solving techniques.

Through couple’s therapy, you will learn how to use your resources and strengths to build connection, confidence, trust, as well as, feelings of hope going forward together.