Issues of Aging Literature

Emotional Longevity, N. Andersen, PH.D, and E. Anderson
Women As They Age, J.D. Garner, DSW, S. Mercer, DSW
Making Life More Livable: A Practical Guide to 1,000 Products and Resources for Living Well in the Mature Years, E. Lederman
The Longevity Strategy: How to Live to 100 Using the Brain-Body Connection, D. Mahoney, R. Restak
Grown Younger, Live Longer, D. Chopra, D. Simon
Aging Well: The Life Plan for Health and Vitality for Your Later Years, J.F. Fries, M.D.
Senior Fitness: Diet and Exercise Program for Maximum Health and Longevity. R. Heidrick, PH.D
Growing Old Is Not For Sissies: Portrait of Senior Athletes, E. Clark
Helping Your Aging Parents, J. Halpern
At Eighty-Two: A Journal, M. Sarton

National Institute on Aging

UCLA Center on Aging

Alzheimer’s Association